What about the future ?

Hi !
You probably noticed that LAZERS development has slowed down recently

There's two reasons to that :
1. I got a VR headset
2. I'm working on another local-multiplayer game, a cooperative one

But don't worry, LAZERS isn't dead ! (yet)
I will release an update for LAZERS soon with new maps, new controls, a ton of bug fixes/optimizations and (hopefully) a WIFI controller app for Android
, but don't expect any big updates after this one

This is going to be a 2-4 players cooperative 2D platformer game (don't worry it's not the same gameplay as LAZERS) with A LOT of cool gameplay elements and some cool mechanics.

Thanks for reading this !
Have fun on LAZERS !


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I wonder when the campain mode for LAZERZ+ will come.

Sorry but there won't be a campaign mode for LAZERS+ since people mostly play this game for the Classic mode :/
I prefer focusing on making my next game and polishing the game :)

Ok, no problem. It's just I have problem with getting another wired controller. Well now I don't need to wonder. Hope your next game is the same good as lazers.

Actually I'm now considering making 5 single-player challenge levels to be able to train when you don't have any friend available
(btw yeah I think my next game is as good or better than lazers !)

Great! Hope it goes well to make it.  I really hope that I Will like the new game as well.