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its a good game but right rushes and left can barely move well ima try to fix it but thats kinda an issue any advice

What controller are you using ?

well im talking about pc since im on vacation and i dont have another controller on me

So when you press left arrow your player barely moves but when you press right arrow it moves fast ?

ya it takes so long and i need to jump to even get a boost to move and i cant go up ramps so i had to use my controller and i didnt know it would work and i cant fight becuase only right works and as i said i only have 1 controller on me

Weird 🤔 Is the game running at a low frame rate ? Do you have any other problem with other games ?


Its a good game.

Thanks !


Move or Die meets Stick Fight: The Game.
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Awesome !
I see you enabled the experimental maps ;)
Also I'm currently reworking the controls, the current ones are bad !

Such a small & simple game takes 63 MB (!)

Can't be justified.

The skins and the musics are mostly the reason why this game takes 63MB
Also an empty Unity project takes ~15MB, so consider that !

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um how do you join a game It doesn't let me join a game but it lets me play tutorial and sandbox also it says I need 2 players and if i need people how do i invite them

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This is a local multiplayer game, you have to bring a friend and connect at least one controller to play the classic mode (one play with the keyboard, the other one with the controller)

Alright thank you


PLEASE CHANGE THE COLOR FROM YELLOW TO SOMETHING ELSE MY EYES ARE DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111

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The color of the page ? :)
Done !

Yay, better! :D


um how do i play bc i dont have a controller just a keyboard and mouse


You can play with your keyboard, just launch the game and press enter



I checked out your game and i think its really cool. I have an instagram page which showcases indie games. Can I give your game a shoutout? sort of like a mini review

here's my page:


Of course you can ! :)

Hey, do you think you could give our game "FruitFat" a try and shout out aswell? It would mean a lot to us :)

Maybe a mountain map with only ball-guns!

Send me a drawing of your map idea if you want me to make it ! :)

I'm not good at drawings so I fixed it in another way! Here is how it would look like!

Mmmh...making the same map two times isn't a very good idea :/

Maybe a different map

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I havent played 0.4.0 or 0.5.0 but when I played 0.5.0 I was shocked over the improvements!!!

WELL DONE!!!   ps: This is my favorite game in the World! :)

Thank you so much ^^

I'll keep updating it for a long time ! :)

This is the level that is broken!

Ok thanks :)

You know that you can change your skin and buy new ones in the shop right ? ^^

Yes I know! I love your work!👍

Fixed :)


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Thx ^^

Tell me if you have any weapon idea or map idea ;) (nothing is impossible, so interactive maps are ok)

A portal Gun! If the shot toutches a wall the player with the gun teleports there, If the shot touches a player they switch places!

Noted ! :D

I'm currently making a new world, surprise surprise ! x)

Why don't you include natural hazards? Not just drops, stuff like turrets and evil bad guys or something.

There will be turrets in the next world !

is it full and functional ?? it's out of resolution on my pc .. my monitor is 1280x1024 

and the controls XD only movement and enter work

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The game is still in developpement, so it's not full and not fully functionnal, but I update it when i find a bug

The controls are fully working on keyboard and controller, at the first start it automatically open the keyboard configuration panel, but I agree that I need to work more on the keyboard part of the game.

Here is the default controls with the keyboard :

Update released :) Have fun

thx will try it ^_^